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Smarter linen, laundry and surgical solutions for over 50 years

Our Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service facility is the largest linen processing plant in Canada, and is the largest single-site healthcare laundry in North America. Located in Mississauga, we’re the largest provider of healthcare linen, laundry and surgical sterilization services to hospitals and long-term care facilities in Ontario.
Using smarter linen solutions, we help our customers provide a safe, comfortable environment for patient care while guaranteeing cost and service quality. We’re proud to serve leading healthcare organizations and hospitals in our region, covering a 400 km radius on a daily basis.
Ecotex is the only healthcare laundry facility in Ontario to achieve certification for Hygienically Clean® Linen Processing from the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) and we’re certified as ISO 13485 for Medical Devices, as a Manufacturer and a Distributor.

Committed to successful clinical outcomes.

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First healthcare laundry facility in Ontario to achieve Hygienically Clean & Clean Green certifications and HLAC accreditation.

Clean Green
Hygienically Clean

Quality you can count on.

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Smarter linen and surgical solutions

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Smartest use of resources

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Collaborative and supportive culture

Our Toronto area facility is an Ecotex Service company, a Canadian based, family owned and operated business. With multiple linen processing facilities across North America and a staff of more than 1,000, we support our healthcare customers with their linen, laundry and surgical sterilization services needs. By providing the efficient and innovative processes for linen management our goal is to turn our customers into Raving Fans!


Million Gallons of Fresh Water saved every year


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